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Sideral Air lines was founded in 2009 from the Expresso Adorno’s Economic Group with the purpose of acting initially in transportation of goods and deliveries. In a short period of time, the company established itself in the market thanks to its loyalty to a policy of Total Safety in its operations. Professionals with vast experience in the Air Transportation field; Pilots with high number of flying hours and a very well prepared maintenance team. keep reading


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In the Economy category, we offer an option for up to 144 passengers, with quality and comfort we will have a moderate on board service. Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks will be served, but with the sympathy and care of our team of On Board Commissars. For more details and budget click below:

Possuímos Aeronaves Boeing a disposição para a viagem de seu grupo. Contamos com uma Aeronave Full Executiva, de apenas 52 lugares, com muito requinte e conforto ou Configuração Econômica para até 147 passageiros. Nossas aeronaves são próprias, podendo lhe oferecer custos muito competitivos.


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